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Introduction [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:40 pm]
Voreaphiles Anonymous


Just like those hair-club for men guys, I'm not only the 'president' but I'm also a client.

Two years ago, I was swallowing a person every day. On the weekend, sometimes three in 24 hours. We all know why we do it... The wriggle as they slide down...the wonderful warm glow that spreads through you as your gut balloons out around them. ...And the endorphin rush as your belly goes to work on that once-man/once-woman. The sleepy gorged smile that I used to wear while I caressed my gurgling middle only attracted more to my cute whiskered maw. I even played with my food...a fact that made relationships hard to keep steady. It took a good fat dollop of guilt to make me realize that what I took so much pleasure in was coming at too high a price. Countless lives line my body as plush insulating fat, now. People cry because they're fat; I cried because of what had made me fat.

Anyways... I'm an otter. You can call me Herb. My mother was a seaotter, and my pop was a river otter, which makes me a bottled-water otter. (Ehh, sorry. Kind of an inside joke.) I heard about this program through a roommate I got when money started growing tight. (When you gorge, you tend to sleep a lot...and I tended to miss a lot of work. Keeping a job was impossible, then.)

Whether the roomie was concerned for himself or for me I can't say, but it doesn't matter now. I got the help I needed, and now I'm here for all of you.

I haven't eaten a sentient being for seven months. I have...sucked on a few, but I always let them go before going too far. In fact, those who narrowly avoided become otter blubber have Livejournals here! They haven't updated in awhile...but that's none of my doing.

Since giving up Real Meals, I've lost weight and gotten a great job interviewing people at the unemployment office in my city. It's very rewarding work, and my supervisor is impressed by the positive churn I've kept going.

You too can give up your succulent satiating addiction, and start building a better way of life. I'm not a strong person, but that doesn't matter. It's our weakness that brings us together here, where we can support each other.

We hold meetings in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and even London as of last month. If all our offices are following their schedules, this week we'll be doing trust exercises. The giraffe who was sponsoring me last year during this part of the program did a wonderful job, holding me neck-deep in her gullet and not taking me any deeper. I could tell how hard she was fighting her addiction...I just about drowned as her mouth watered!

Please comment if you'd like to attend a meeting or even start your own chapter in your hometown. Applications are simple, with just the name you'd like to use, height and weight, and a brief history of your addiction to the present.

Think of me as family, from this point on. You'll always have a big ottery hug ready from me, and all the encouragement you can stand. My belly may be big, but my heart is even bigger, and there's plenty of room for you. In my heart. Yes.
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Welcome! [Aug. 3rd, 2006|01:37 am]
Voreaphiles Anonymous


If you're reading this today, whether you've come out of curiosity or been directed here by a friend, you will find a warm welcome here at Voreaphiles Anonymous.

You may not think you have a problem, and indeed we hope you don't, but review the material here in the profile page and ask yourself...

"Am I powerless over vore?"
"Does vore control my life?"
"Does vore influence everything I do?"
"Are my thoughts nearly always centered on my next meal?"

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join us. We ask that you introduce yourself, so that we may welcome you and provide you with the help you need to overcome your addiction.

Remember, you're not only helping yourselves, you're saving someone's life every time you skip a Real Meal.

The VA recovery program is patterned after that of Alcoholics Anonymous. We use AA's twelve steps and twelve traditions, changing only the words "alcoholic" and "alcohol" to "voreaphiles" and "compulsive consumption of others."

As our personal stories attest, the twelve-step program of recovery works as well for voreaphiles as it does for alcoholics.
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