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Melting - Voreaphiles Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Voreaphiles Anonymous

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Melting [Aug. 25th, 2007|01:53 pm]
Voreaphiles Anonymous


[mood |hornyhorny]

Inspired by a chat I had a few days back ;)

The kiss is hard, hot, deep. I feel myself swoon, melting into the kiss...feeling that liquid ache fill me as they press there mouth against mine, tongues touching, dancing....

My heart pounding with arousal, need. My knees weak. Melting into the embrace, the kiss...melting...melting! Feeling myself liquefying, flowing. It doesn't hurt..if anything it feels good, a pleasurable ache as I melt and flow....somehow still able to sense and feel as I collapse into a puddle of aching, liquid pleasure.
I am flowing, being poured into something....some kind of vessel, container. The sensation of flowing over the cool slick walls sending quiver ripples of ecstasy through me. Everything feels so...good.

I...I am in a glass! I ripple in bliss as I feel something slide through my liquid form. Long, hard...it is...it is a straw. A straw?!! NO!

I am trapped, helpless in the glass. Quivering in ecstasy and terror. Horrified at my fate...and yet...yet aroused at the thought of what it will feel like...to be, sipped, drunk, swallowed....

To my horror I.... I want to be, need to be!!!!

As I lay there in liquid ecstasy, begging for someone, anyone to take a drink...

Care for a sip?

or would you rather take my place?